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From: "Dennis Wright" <>
Subject: [DNA] WTY strikes again
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 09:04:41 +1100

Thomas has reported that the Irish Type III WTY participant has an SNP that has not been seen in any other WTY sample to date. He
has given this SNP the name "L226" and included it in his draft tree.

He cautions that:-

"Note that newer WTY participants have a version 2 primer pair for this segment which works better than the old one. So older WTY
participants may not be scored for this segment because the quality of the sequencing trace was too bad.
At least we know for sure that GRC010712 (kit N57121, also R-L21 from Ireland) is definitely L226-."

It is looking very positive that a defining SNP has been found for this Irish cluster in the same manner as M222 defines the NW
Irish cluster.

Dennis Wright
Irish Type III
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