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From: rwalker <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] requests from unknowns to share 23andMe data
Date: Sat, 07 Nov 2009 11:37:18 -0800

<<<you've got your settings set so others can contact you. I've had a
number of these contacts, but all of them have been honest....>>

I have been getting a fair share of these too. I think it is because new
people are getting their results back. I check the person's profile, and
if there is no back ground information, I contact them and ask the to
give some basic info, where family is from, mt & y DNA info, etc.,
before sharing. I then give a small synopsis of our family background.
If they don't answer in a week or so, then I hit the decline button.
R. Walker
(23andMe Handle: R. Walker)

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