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From: Michael Walsh <>
Subject: [DNA] R-L21 Plus news - downstream branches to be better defined
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 00:07:55 -0600

The downstream branching of R-L21*, the L21+ M222- paragroup, will be
much clearer soon. Here is a little background...

We've identified 906 R-L21* confirmed people from the R-L21 Plus
project and from Ysearch. There are more, but many are buried in
surname projects.

Over 65% of these 906 L21* folks have tested out to 67 STR markers.
Bravo! All R1b1b2 folks need to.

Of the 906, some have already been tested for newly discovered downstream SNP's:
at least 32 have tested 159.2+
at least 22 have tested L226+
at least 2 have tested L69.4+ (both French, by the way)
at least 3 have tested L193+

There are few other downstream SNP's as well that I don't have much
info on those and/or they may be private.

OI would be remiss not to acknowledge the big downstream SNP, M222+.
None of the above numbers include M222+ but there are 547 M222+ in the
M222+ (aka R1b1c7) project and many more beyond the project.

The NEW news is that there has been a late rush of new R-L21*
downstream orders. In weeks, we'll have much better picture of the
L21+ tree.


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