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Subject: Re: [DNA] RES: Jewish DNA in the Genome of Mexican-Americans
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Subject: Re: [DNA] RES: Jewish DNA in the Genome of Mexican-Americans

> Chapter III, The Major Points of Controversy, in Secrecy and Deceit, David
> M. Gitlitz. 1996 has a detailed overview of Spanish/Portuguese
> demographics. A large and well researched work.
> Tom

Thanks, Tom. Yes, I've read several books by Mr. Gitlitz. His best, in my
opinion, is "The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago", co-authored by Linda Kay
Davidson with whom I've corresponded. He is a credible researcher but he
also has his detractors and skeptics. I can claim neither professional
historian nor population geneticist status. But when it comes to medieval
numbers in Iberia, I've concluded you can find any answer you want from
contemporary authors. Gary mentioned Kamen's book on the Spanish
Inquisition. Kamen is also a credible researcher. He suggests the number of
Jews who fled Spain for Portugal in 1492 were fewer than 40,000. My
recollection is that Gitlitz would probably be more comfortable with three
times that number.

I have been fortunate that to some extent I've been able to rely on original
sources to reach tentative conclusions for my own appreciation of these
issues. When it comes to numbers, for example, I am more inclined to agree
with Kamen than Gitlitz. The good news is that my journey through the
thicket of primary sources should become a lot easier since the Portuguese
government has announced plans to make a great deal of this information
available online before year end. At a minimum that should save a lot of
travel costs.


so over the years I've tried to rely principally on original sources

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