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From: "Ian Logan" <>
Subject: [DNA] Early modern human - mtDNA sequence
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 17:46:26 -0000


I almost missed this one !

A 30,000 year old mtDNA to accompany this paper:

Krause,J., Briggs,A.W., Kircher,M., Maricic,T., Zwyns,N., Derevianko,A.P. and Paabo,S.
A complete mtDNA genome of an early modern human from Kostenki, Russia

FN600416(Early modern human) Haplogroup U2 Krause 27-JAN-2010
A73G A263G C542T T711C A750G A1438G A1811G A2706G A4769G C7028T
A8860G A11467G G11719A A12308G G12372A A13269G C14766T T15262C A15326G A16051G

The 2 unusual gene mutations do not affect the amino acids, however.
A13269G Gly>Gly
T15262C Ser>Ser

and T711C has been seen a couple of times in modern samples.

So this sequence appears to be a 'basal U2' sequence and, insofar as one can go,
appears to fit in quite nicely with the modern tree on ''.


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