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Subject: [DNA] A 23andME/deCODEme Success Story
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 10:35:57 EST

As I have mentioned once before on this board, my interest in DNA is
genealogical, not medical. But 23andME had a sale a year or so ago and I
submitted a sample. Then this Christmas I took advantage of deCODEme's offer to
import my 23andME data for free.

I have been frustrated and disappointed in the response from participants
in 23andME's Relative Finder who express a willingness to share genealogical
data and then do not. Some of that has to do with how much data I've
accumulated over at least thirty years. I can print out full ancestry for seven
generations with sources before I start developing dead ends. I tend to
forget that others haven't been at it that long and don't have that kind of
data to share.

However, a few days ago I got this message from a Norwegian participant in
both 23andME and deCODEme:

"According to the advanced ancestry labs you share a 6cM HIR segment with
my mother on chr.5. I think 23andme use a low threshold of 7cM for RF so
this match won't show up in Relative Finder."

I shared a twelve generation ahnentafel with him and got a message back
which identified four ancestors whom we have in common for whom he can provide
additional information. Obviously, I am both pleased and appreciative.

Thor Egede-Nissen

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