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Subject: [DNA] deletions [was Re: FTDNA admits to errors in many mtDNAsequences]
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2010 10:20:50 EST

This thread has been about insertions. Is there a similar issue in FASTA
files with a deletion in this region? SMGF reports 523d 524d (AC as the
motif), and FTDNA currently reports 522- 523- (CA as the motif). In the early days
FTDNA reports 523- 524-. I don't have any examples to check myself.

Several years ago I traced a little bit of the history behind the changes.
I see my old message didn't maintain the formatting I wanted, but I think
you can figure it out. I called FTDNA's change a "hybrid."

I don't recall any explicit statements from FTDNA about why they changed,
but I have speculated that it was because of their collaboration with a
European researcher, Doron Behar. There is often a difference between European
and American standards for all sorts of things. Behar's paper about Ashkenazi
haplogroups said "the indels at nucleotides 309, 315, and 524 in HVS-II were
excluded" in drawing the network diagram. I agree with that, BTW -- I don't
think changes here make reliable indicators of genealogical or phylogenetic

Ann Turner

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