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From: William Hurst <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] deletions [was Re: FTDNA admits to errors in manymtDNA sequences]
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2010 16:21:53 -0500
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Hi Didier,

The insertions vary greatly between haplogroups, from 29% in K, 3% in H, and 0% in others. The deletions are more common in subclades without the insertions. That's based on my Jogg article from 2007:

It's fairly common to find a close match except for being one pair off on these indels.

Bill Hurst

> About these CACA repeats : any work done on how frequent are these insertions / deletions ? (I am concerned : I have an extra CA ). I don't know any mtDNA related to mine but I was wondering about the chances to find a close one but with a different CA repeat number at 523/524 .
> Didier

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