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From: Aggi-Rose Reddin <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] O'Reilly Modal (not the M222 one)
Date: Fri, 05 Feb 2010 19:27:26 -0400
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At 06:53 PM 05/02/2010, you wrote:
>In a message dated 2/5/2010 9:34:18 A.M. Central Standard Time,
> writes:
>The interesting thing is that the Oeill et all modal is shared by
>other Irish surnames and by names that sound like Anglo-Saxon surnames
>to me. Names like Reddin, Pitman, Sexton, and Pledger. They also may
>not even be R-L21+ since no one has tested past R-P312 that I have

Just wanted to clarify that we have yet to find a Reddin who has
turned out to be Anglo-Saxon. The name is most often Irish/Celtic and
it has been the tradition in some families that it is a sept of the
O'Neil so I am not surprised to find it in this modal. It's also
strongly associated with the O'Briens and MacNamaras but we have no
Irish Type IIIs yet.

You may be thinking more of Reading which is perhaps Anglo-Saxon,
although that has not been confirmed via yDNA as yet. It is the
variant most often considered "English" however. "Redding" can be
either English or Irish/Scottish.

Re L21, my own Reddins are L-21+, as is the only other member to be
Deep Clade tested as yet. Note that neither of us are Oeill etal modal however.


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