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From: Michael Walsh <>
Subject: [DNA] O'Reilly Modal (not the M222 one)
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2010 18:15:36 -0600

---> My response:
Andrew and Robert,

This may not be what you are looking for either, but on the R-L21*
Haplotype spreadsheet I've got two Reilly's and zero O'Reilly's or
O'Riley's or Riley's.

BNAHR - Reilly - Ireland, Co. Cork - He appears to be an Irish TIII L226+ guy.

66ZM6 - Reilly - Ireland, Co. Sligo - He appears to fit with what I
call R-L21-2213MM. There is a MacMartin, Kenan and Porter in this
group. The signature is 388=13 448=18 389ii-i=15 390=22 570=18.


---> Robert Hughes wrote:
Hello Andrew,
This may be what you were asking about. It talks about an O?Neill
family modal that is not M222.
The interesting thing is that the O?Neill et all modal is shared by
other Irish surnames and by names that sound like Anglo-Saxon surnames
to me. Names like Reddin, Pitman, Sexton, and Pledger. They also may
not even be R-L21+ since no one has tested past R-P312 that I have
The report suggests an NPE between the two O?Neill lines but they
really seem like two distinct genetic signatures to me.
F26HZ in is a modal that catches most of them. Note that
you need all 67 markers to fully id them.

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