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Subject: [DNA] 23andMe mtDNA results, two different SNPs at same position
Date: Fri, 05 Feb 2010 22:16:20 -0500

Can someone explain the following 23andMe results:
16129 rs5005270 G (tests for A and G)
16129 i3001605 C (tests for C and G)

As expected, some people will have a G at both.

However, lots of people have both a G and a C at the same 16129
position as in the example above.

At FTDNA the same people will only have a G and no C, with no
heteroplasmy listed.
Does this mean there is an insertion that is normally ignored between
16129 and 16130 at FTDNA?

Note that I translated the 16130 into 16129 CRS position from the raw
data at 23andMe in order to compare with the standard.

Kathy J.

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