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Subject: Re: [DNA] ugh. not Heritage Quest and not Geni-or My Family atFacebook, either
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2010 21:51:18 -0500
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If you consider someone using your data as "taking" something from you, then by
all means, do not put your data online. Data (facts) cannot be copyrighted --
facts are discovered, not created -- so your sense that they should be "given
back" to you is misplaced. None of us "owns" the data associated with our
ancestors. You may be the only person with this particular set of ancestors,
but there are many people compiling databases for all of a progenitor's known
descendants, which can include your relatives -- and even you.

If you want a free repository for your GEDCOM, the best choice, IMO, is
WorldConnect. You are the one in control of your account and your file, and you
can update or remove either at any time (at least for now). Not only is the
WorldConnect database huge, it has one of the best search engines on the web,
IMO. It's always the first place I go to find someone.

If you want total control and independence, you need to create your own web
site. Most ISPs give you a small, free one, and a good-sized one can be had for
less than $5/mo ( is a good web host option for the beginner).

The reality is that no one should expect a free database not to have strings.
Even databases that start out giving you considerable control have it in their
fine print that the door is open for them, sooner or later, to use your data any
way they see fit. (Do we remember the Broderbund WorldFamilyTrees uproar?)

For the monthly price of a Big Mac and Fries, you can have your own personal web
site. The cost of a free one may ultimately be higher.


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> Subject: [DNA] ugh. not Heritage Quest and not Geni-or My
> Family at Facebook,either
> I have several (late husband, current husband, mine, a friends)
> large trees at Heritage Quest and have been semi cut off from it and
> others because I didn't pay them-I joined back when it was free.
> I also have these trees at WorldConnect, have since a few weeks
> after they created them
> have tried Geni. got hijacked by a group of people who
> took partial
> control of it (my ancestors, not theirs, they've just got one
> connection through marriage) and won't let go or give it back. I
> filed a complaint, but don't think I got any reaction-standard
> procedure at least 50% of the time from Geni. it can be glitchy, too.
> full of bugs.
> have attempted to use My Family at Facebook. took them
> nearly a year
> to make it accessable....but they are on record for being data
> gatherers, and the worst place for storing anything private. for me,
> Facebook finds a new glitch to keep every time they update their
> system.
> I've had a few issues with WorldConnect, but usually they try to
> resolve it. not exactly how Heritage, Geni and My Family handle
> things. more in the "Talk to the Hand" from Heritage and "we aren't
> interested" from the rest.
> I'd been considering Tribal but heard they've become
> capitalist, as
> well. I have to squeeze to fit my research into my budget, so I will
> stay with WorldConnect (Rootsweb) for now.
> Cornelia

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