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Subject: Re: [DNA] GENEALOGY-DNA Digest, Vol 5, Issue 95
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 09:39:15 EST

6. Re: Question about My Heritage

Diana, Cornelia, Tim, and Max,

Thank you for sharing information and experiences. I will pass on what
you told to members of my project--I think a couple may already have trees
at World Connect and I discovered through an address book check at My
Heritage yesterday that several have accounts there, too.

One project member, with a big GEDCOM ready to post, is looking right now
for a free and reliable website which might attract more viewers than
webpages provided by his ISP--and that prompted my question about My Heritage.

I have always resisted any thought of posting a GEDCOM for my family,
because I doubt that anyone else has information I don't already have and there
is already an old family chart which is half right and half wrong in
circulation anyway. I have found that those who have it often don't want to
hear about the errors in the early generations.

Meanwhile, I am convinced that the only way I (or anyone else) will
rediscover our English origin is by finding a match in England--hence my primary
interest lies in popular websites where I might be able to recruit
Englishmen willing to join my Britton project and take a DNA test.

Turns out I had an old account I'd forgotten I opened last year at My
Heritage, but had never used. Yesterday I changed the name to Britton
International DNA Project when I discovered that the search engine would produce
profiles of those who had Britton websites for genealogical purposes and that
the profiles usually indicated age, sex, and country of origin. I've
contacted as many from the UK as the system would allow in one day, giving them
the link to my project's website and my e-mail address. So far no replies,
and proof of this strategy lies in its success--in the end I may only be
wasting my time.

If anyone has figured out a way to recruit men from England and the UK,
please let me know.


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