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From: "Lancaster-Boon" <>
Subject: [DNA] placing your research online
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 21:57:48 +0100

This is an interesting point which I also think about quite often.

I have tried using one of the attempts to make genealogy wikis and not
gotten very far. However one major reason for uselessness is indeed the
domination of other online methods of publishing family trees.

So, what would be better about a wiki?

With a wiki, people are forced by the format to come to an agreement about a
single version of what seems to be the case. This means highly speculative
material normally gets dumped or else turned into a statement about what
speculations there are, and NOT stated as if simply a fact.

Contrast to online trees where 100s of trees can exist for one family, and
more often than not the genealogists who love to speculate (especially about
any possible link with famous people who have the same surname) publish the
most --- meaning that if you would accept the majority suggestions as the
true ones, you would get the wrong tree more than half the time.

You mentioned post-it type note functions which are now available on some
sites. This does not seem to go far enough? One site I have tried,
OneGreatFamily, encourages you to merge trees with other people, which is
neat. But again, the annoyance of having to go through the necessary
discussions about disagreements perhaps makes this approach less popular.

...or maybe it is just that WorldConnect and similar style sites dominate
all publicity so much that no one ever thinks of trying other approaches?

Best Regards

From: "Diana Gale Matthiesen" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] placing your research online
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 14:58:30 -0500
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I agree. The internet has revolutionized genealogy, and one way it has done
is to allow correction of old, published errors, though I don't see an end
them continuing to crop up as long as one last copy of a book remains. But
one reason I will take the time to correct errors at WorldConnect via

As for a "genealogy wiki," there is at least one site calling itself that,
but I
found it so useless I've only been there once (YMMV). IMO, the genealogy
message boards and mailing lists serve the function of "collaboration,
discussion, etc." entirely adequately, along with the USGenWeb county web
and the myriad of personal web sites. I have a 14,000+ page genealogy web
entirely accessible to anyone with an internet connection, so I feel no need
"post" this information anywhere -- even if someone would accept it!

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