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From: "Alister John Marsh" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] CNN article: The government has your baby's DNA.
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2010 10:35:28 +1300
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You said...
No solution, here, is entirely good or entirely bad. You weigh the upside
against the downside. My balance on this one comes out in favor of
fingerprinting and DNA testing.

Now if there was universal DNA testing, and they made the Y-DNA results
public, it would bring a few more hundred thousand results into my surname

Even although DNA testing is largely limited to genetic genealogists and
criminals, (according to Kens earlier post, perhaps there is no distinction)
the governments could help out my surname project immensely if they released
to me all of their criminal/ suspect/ almost suspect Y-DNA records of my
surname. I had a kinsman transported for poaching, I am sure my family by
now is well represented in government databases.

If we are worried about the insecurity of government databases, is there
anyone who can tell me how to get a Y-DNA printout of all of my surname from
government databases?

I tend to agree with Diana that "on balance", universal DNA testing might do
more good to society than harm. We all seem to accept having ID number
plates displayed on our cars, front and back. What would be different about
publically displaying our DNA ID on our person? Perhaps we should all have
our haplogroup tattooed on our forehead (and backside?)? With the rapid
changes in haplogroup names, that would be the one sure way to make us all
anonymous within about 3 months.


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