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From: Brownie MacKie <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] placing your research online
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 16:51:43 -0600
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There are so many ways to share besides publishing on the internet or in a
program (such as Ancestry, etc.). I share with people every day. I send
individual e-mails to them in which I share my information without

On Sun, Feb 7, 2010 at 12:01 PM, <> wrote:

> Lindsey, if you do not place your genealogy online, then you are
> perpetuating the research you say has errors in it.
> during my 21 years of research, I have occasionally started up the
> wrong branch of a tree, and am guilty of having put it on the web. in
> one instance, people have taken my error and run with it-not that
> they've attempted to add to it, but they have copied it. however, I
> have corrected it and emailed the people who copied that part of my
> tree and notified them of my error. so I have made every effort
> available to me to clear up my error and put as accurate a tree as
> possible online. without doing so, it's just a mess of erronious
> data. whenever we can put accurate, documented genealogy online, we
> should so that people can look at, compare and consider the available
> data. it's the same as publishing a thesis in theory. as for those who
> just won't share, the people in your tree aren't just your ancestors
> and relatives, we are all related and all trees interconnect at some
> point, and you don't have imperial rights to the data. sharing would
> put you in a better possition for possibly ending up with a long lost
> bible or other family treasures, which you are cutting yourself off
> from by not sharing.
> Cornelia
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