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From: "Ian Logan" <>
Subject: [DNA] Revised mtDNA sequences on GenBank
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2010 17:00:33 -0000


These 3 revised mtDNA sequences have appeared on GenBank.

These sequences have the spurious mutations '524.1C etc.'
replaced with '523.1C etc.

Just to repeat, I am happy to be make up a revised submission file
for anybody who needs one (as their FTDNA page shows '523' where
previously there was a '524'.


EF452295.2 FTDNA Haplogroup U4b2a 03-FEB-2010
A73G T195C A263G 309.1C 309.2C 315.1C G499A 523.1C 523.2A 523.3C
523.4A A750G C1185T A1438G A1811G A2706G T4646C A4769G T5999C A6047G
C7028T T7705C T8433C A8860G C11332T A11467G G11719A A12308G G12372A T14178C
C14620T C14766T A15326G T15693C G15883A T16136C C16278T T16356C T16519C

EU156036.2 FTDNA Haplogroup H10 05-FEB-2010
A263G 309.1C 309.2C 315.1C 523.1C 523.2A A750G A1438G A1692G A3810G
A4769G A8860G T14470A A15326G T16519C

FJ449703.2 FTDNA Haplogroup W6 04-FEB-2010
A73G A189G C194T T195C T204C G207A A263G 309.1C 315.1C 523.1C
523.2A 523.3C 523.4A G709A A750G T1243C A1438G A2706G A3505G A4093G
A4769G G5046A G5460A C7028T G8155A G8251A T8614C A8860G G8994A C11674T
G11719A A11947G T12414C C12705T C14766T A15326G G15884C C16192T C16223T C16292T
T16325C T16362C T16519C


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