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Subject: [DNA] H10
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 2010 21:34:45 -0800

I finally managed (with the help of FTdna, it was impossible from my
side of the screen) to sign up with the H10 group at FTdna. I am not
listed yet for the MTdna test results, but find that I am an exact
match with a few of the people in the group. however, I am confused,
there is an exact match to me in both cluster A and in cluster A1. I
don't have a clue how or why they would differ if they are an exact
match, unless they are sorted by nationality, but that isn't

who manages the H10 MTdna group? I'd like to discuss my mutations
and learn why the confusion with the scattered listings of matching
individuals, and to discuss making it easy for other H10's to join
the group. there are some missing elements to the web pages that make
it impossible to join.


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