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Subject: Re: [DNA] oops re: unusual number of mutations
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 15:31:42 -0800

thank you for your thought provoking email, Diana,

first question last. he does have some Scots/Scots-Irish surnames
among his matches, but his closest matches appear to be Moores.

25 marker, 2 distance, Moore, Moore, Godfrey

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37 marker, 2 distance, Moore

37 marker, 4 distance, Blackwell, Moore, Montgomery, Moore, Holcomb,
Montgomery, Kirkpatrick

67 marker, 7 distance, Moore

does that help? should I have not assumed that the NPE was in the
non-Moore names? the names are all over the place, and I thought he
seemed to lean more to the Scot's modal than the Irish, but have had
him match more of late with the Irish-but those are Scots and
Scots-Irish surnames, perhaps people who joined a clan who's ancestry
was not their own?

as to your other question, no, our paper trail does not connect us
to anyone else in the Moore ydna test group. in part because we are
stuck at his great, great grandfather, only 4 generations back. and
because most of the Moores who have tested at FTdna descend from
southern America (TN, VA, Carolina's, AL, TX, etc.) Moores, and he is
from a northern Moore from PA and OH. I do not understand why so few
of the northern American Moore descendants have tested. there are
some, but we haven't connected-they aren't from the same area,
unfortunately, and don't list in the close matches and obviously
aren't in the close match area at the ydna test page.

it is a conundrum.

On Wed 02/10/10 3:00 PM , "Diana Gale Matthiesen"
Hello Cornelia,
The question you have asked isn't easy to answer, which may be the
reason you
haven't gotten an answer. In fact, I find answering questions about
relationships in R1b1b2 -- the most common haplogroup subclade in
the British
Isles, by far -- for a large group of nearly matching test subjects
with a
common English surname, to be one of the most difficult questions I
have to
answer as a project administrator.
When I say, "difficult," I don't mean the answer would n

ecessarily be unclear,
only that getting a clear answer would be a considerable amount of
work. That
said, what bothers me on a quick scan of the results table is not
only his GD
from the modal haplotype, but that five of his mutations are not
shared by
anyone else in this rather large group (32 test subjects). That
doesn't mean he
*can't* belong to this group, only that is isn't obvious that he
does, at least
not to me doing a quick perusal.
This is not a question of your test subject being higher up the
haplotree. You
all appear to be R-1b1b-2a1b. It's a question of whether or not he
belongs to
*this* MOORE family, to some other MOORE family, or whether he has
an NPE in his
line and isn't really a MOORE, at all.
Does your paper genealogy connect you to anyone in this group? On
your FTDNA
member page, do you have any better matches in other surnames?
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> I asked this once before and didn't get any response, perhaps
> because no-one knew the answer at the time, perhaps now someone
> the male Moores are prone to having 3 mutations in their ydna.
> occasionally 4, but no more than that. my husband, also a Moore,
> 9 mutations.
> first, why is that the case for him, and for him alone?
> second, what does it tell us about him-or is that the
> same question
> as the first one, just rephrased?
> third, does this mean he comes from an older part of
> the haplotree
> than the rest of the Moores who tested at FTdna?
> thank you for your input.
> Cornelia
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> I got distracted and didn't send his ysearch # R6ZNW
> or look at the Moore dna results page at FTdna;
> [8] [1]
> under Thomas B. Moore in group 2
> Cornelia
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