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From: "Anatole Klyosov" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Variance Assessment wrt back and parallel mutations
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 22:39:43 -0500
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From: Robert Stafford < >
>But this is not true. Rates are expressed in mutations per generation.

My response:

Well, it depends on an experimental setup. You categorical statements ask
for a smile.

In the father-son pair experimental setup - yes, it is measured literally
per generation.

However, in case of historical events chosen for "calibration", nobody knows
how many "generations" passed since then. We take "years" as a measuring
stick. In fact, in those cases we express rates in mutations per a certain
number of years. Hence, we can set a generation time any, it would not
change a thing.

On some mysterious reason(s) this simple concept meets some resistance.
However, those who create resistance cannot say how many years per
generation ACTUALLY are. In fact, it depends on toooooo many factors -
cultural, societal, regional, and varies between, say, 16 and 60 years. It
is a floating value. It cannot be used for quantitative calculations.


Anatole Klyosov

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