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From: "Anatole Klyosov" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Y Tree SNPs can not be counted
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2010 10:05:38 -0500
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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>

>> (Anatole) I suspect that by "counting mutations" you mean something VERY
>> different
> >compared with, e.g., what I mean.


Well, brevity is often a good thing, however, in this context it might
signal that you have nothing to say besides it. Is it true?

>Since what you are counting is something akin to GDs between
>haplotypes, it is not bad for making age estimates, but it is not a
>basic for making the statistical confidence intervals you quote
>for those estimates.

First, "something akin" is not a scientific term.
Second, I know that "it is not bad for making age estimate". That is what I
Third, would you care to explain why it is "not a basic... for those

I have tried to help you out and gave a specific example. I have asked you
for an honest a direct answer, and even thank you in advance for it.
Unfortunately, I do not see in your reply either one. Here is my example

"By "counting mutations" I mean the following. If we have, say, 500 of
67-marker haplotypes, and 14 haplotypes among them are identical to each
other (base haplotypes), and the other 486 mutated haplotypes have
(collectively) 1788 mutations from the base, then those 1788 mutations are
those that we count".

You can easily show (if you know, of course, which I am in doubt more and
more with every your next response) what is "my" confidence interval if you
understand how I calculate it, and what will be "your" confidence interval
for the described dataset and the respective calculations. If you do not
understand how I calculate it, please say so. It is easy.

Thanks again...

Anatole Klyosov

P.S. As I have repeatedly said here, it is of interest how many folks here
avoid direct numbers, and prefer to talk generalities.

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