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From: David Ewing <>
Subject: [DNA] Relationship Diagrams on DropBox
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2010 21:23:53 -0700

Bob Stafford commented a few days ago that he liked Relationship Charts and
talked about how he prepares these using FTM. I have been using these quite
a bit and have two ways of preparing them, one adequate and one killer

I started making these charts in Excel, heavily using Merge Cells and Border
Drawing. This works, but is clunky and time-consuming. Once a chart is ready
in Excel, I just print it to "Save as PDF" and then post it to DropBox. Here
is an example of that:

The killer nifty method is to prepare the chart in OmniGraffle, which is a
program that only works on Macintosh, then "Export" the chart as a PDF
rather than printing it as a PDF. This allows active links in the
OmniGraffle document to carry forward into the PDF, which I have not been
able to figure out a non-cumbersome way to do with a PDF prepared in Excel.
Here is an example of that:
Try the links, which appear in blue. For example, the participant IDs at the
bottom of the chart are all linked to participant lineages. There are also
links to Results Tables and some references.

For those of you not familiar with DropBox, I urge you to have a look. It is
a terrific, free, web-based program that can be used for file sharing in
several different ways. You can find information about this, see a video
about how it works and download the program for free at
Signing up using this link gives me and whoever uses it a little extra free
storage. Explaining all of the capabilities is off topic for this list, but
the site does a pretty good job. I can testify that they are legit and the
program is terrifically useful.

David Ewing

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