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From: Janet Crawford <>
Subject: [DNA] "Inuk" articles
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2010 17:19:10 +0000

"Four tufts of human hair found in the frozen ground of Greenland have
yielded DNA from a man who lived and died there 4,000 years ago. The
scientists who analyzed the hair say theirs is the most complete
reconstruction of ancient human DNA ever accomplished. It reveals
details not only of the man himself, dubbed "Inuk" by scientists, but
also where his people came from....
Willerslev says Inuk's SNPs reveal something else surprising: Inuk
wasn't like the people now living in the North American and Greenland
Arctic. His DNA closely matches people who live in Siberia, thousands
of miles to the west. " More...

Even more:
"An analysis of differences, or mutations, at single base pairs on the
ancient Greenlander’s nuclear genome indicates that his father’s
ancestors came from northeastern Siberia, report geneticist Morten
Rasmussen of the Natural History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen and
his colleagues in the Feb. 11 Nature. Three modern hunter-gatherer
groups in that region — the Nganasans, Koryaks and Chukchis — display
a closer genetic link to the Greenland individual than do Native
American groups living in cold northern areas of North America,
Rasmussen says.

A largely complete mitochondrial DNA sequence from the ancient man’s
hair, extracted by the same researchers in 2008, places his maternal
ancestry in northeastern Asia as well." Read more here:


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