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From: Michael Walsh <>
Subject: [DNA] Irish SNP's - was FTDNA v. ISOGG R1b haplotree comparisonupdated
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2010 14:00:45 -0600

Another new SNP that includes some Irish have is L193+. Surnames that
have been positive so far include Newton, Stevens, Meek, Meeks,
Dugger, Kennedy and Ferguson. This is not exclusive to the Irish, but
then not much is.

I discourage making a testing decision based upon a particular
geography alone. For instance, I'm from Leinster but I don't fit in
the Leinster modal. As as I think was mentioned, there may be more
people found outside of Leinster with the Leinster modal than within.

Ireland, even within the R-P312+ and R-L21+ subclades, is a place with
a mix have peoples that have come and gone (and stayed) through the


----> Elizabeth O'Donoghue <> relied to Margaret
Subject: [DNA] Irish SNP's - was FTDNA v. ISOGG R1b haplotree
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Margaret, so far, there aren't any. The Leinster modal appears to have
L159.2, and the Northwest Irish have M222. None of us in the south are so
lucky yet.

----> Margaret Jordan asked:

Below L21, is L226 the only other relevant SNP for us in the south of
Ireland? If it is mostly Dalcassian what about Eoganacht SNPS below
L21? Does anyone know of any useful ones?

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