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Subject: Re: [DNA] A few genealogists might match the Saqqaq ancient Eskimoon a part of the X chromosome
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 14:09:20 -0500
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> May I ask what is the block size in Mb and cM?
> Anders

Hi Anders. I realized last night that you have already looked at this
block before, over a year ago, but I have lost the link. Do you still
have it stored at GeoCities? It was labeled something like 22-65-KATHY.
It was helpful in terms of predicted ethnicities. You used 72 deCODEme
markers as I recall, while we were using 23andMe versions.

I only have the block measured in million base pairs, about 1.6
million. The block starts at rs5938222 and ends at rs9781965. It is
1,599,853 base pairs long. What does that translate into cM? It was
somewhat arbitrary because it represented a block of homozygous female

also has a previous discussion on this block.

I stopped it just before the Fibroblast Growth Factor 16 gene. Except
for the Hypothetical protein LOC51260 I thought it was devoid of genes,
but I now see on FTDNA X chromosome browser that there is a Melanoma
antigen Family E, 1 gene that 23andMe skips over. So the block had a
gene I was not even aware of at the time. Fortunately the gene does not
show up in our results. I can't imagine this gene causing any major
natural selection because melanomas don't interfere with
reproductivity. I like to stick to intergenic areas and avoid genes
when looking for DNA useful to genealogists. I wonder why the research
scientists are not considering the possibility of ancient haplogroups
in some of these X blocks.

Do you think Saqqaq could be related to Native Americans after all? One
of the matches let me know off-list that there could be a Native
American in his X inheritance. Is it possible that the Saqqaq's X
founder came from a different geographical region than the Y and mtDNA

Thanks for all your X work, Anders!
Kathy J.

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