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From: "Elizabeth O'Donoghue" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] FTDNA v. ISOGG R1b haplotree comparison updated
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 19:40:38 -0000
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John, the initial quote you mentioned in your 14 February, 2010 10:02 PM
note was not mine but Dennis Wright's, but I would like to make comment on
your thoughts.

There are two Irish Type III O'Connors in their project - one if from
Tipperary, one only says Ireland. There is a cluster of NWI, which you
would expect. The one participant who indicates descent from the O'Connor
Don lineage is NWI. However, there is also a cluster of roughly equal
number who are South Irish. That is an odd coincidence, unless you posit
that O'Connor Kerry is not related to the others. The majority in the
project are unrelated to either, with a small percentage of I and one R1a.

Though there are exceptions, I wouldn't see the M222 lines on the whole as
more homogenous than their southern counterparts. For instance, only a
small percentage of the O'Neills are NWI, and the large majority are not
related to the chiefly line either. Could you let me know what other
northern Ui Neill recognized chieftains there are that have been tested,
except for the relation to the O'Connor Don lineage?

With the Dal Riata and the interchange through trade and proximity between
the north and Scotland, I'm not surprised by the number of NWI found in
Scotland and surrounds. And M222 unites them all, no doubt. I believe you
are one yourself, so your comment, 'I also do not know if describing M222,
even in Ireland, as Ui Neill or Connachta is completely accurate' is
obviously made without bias. I would agree with you, but the label
Northwest Irish does seem to be accurate, insofar as the research by Trinity
did at least clarify the subclades center, if not its correct provenance.'


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