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Subject: [DNA] Fwd: FTDNA v. ISOGG R1b haplotree comparison updated
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 20:23:46 +0000 (UTC)
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Sorry...that got away from me!

Hi John, (and others),

Could you comment on current thought regarding Cinal Eoghan and Cinal Conaill, the children of the two sons of Niall (as the story goes), who settled in the north west of Ireland? Has anyone identified a unique signature that distinguishes the two?

I have a client whose DNA sig is common at the foot of Innisowen area, where Cinal Eoghan once ruled before they migrated east (or so I read). The surname doesn't appear in Donegal (McCamish) but does in the area roughly called the barony of Dungannon. One man with the surname was named in depositions as having been 'out' in the Rising. He was a cowman for Tristan Beresford (Aghadowey area), a few were out with the O'Cathan rebellion earlier. I recently returned from Salt Lake where I spent a week researching. Four men bearing the name were in the O'Cathan hord in the late 1400s, where they were caught east of the Bann with a herd of cattle that wouldn't cross, and so they were killed by the English.

(McCamish project is here: ...Jim McComish is not related -- family from Banbridge area of Down; McKammish descends from an Australia immigrant born in Tamlaght, Tyrone early 1800s; rest are known cousins of an American line matching McKammish). -- but my real interest is where we are on distingu ishing the two sons of Niall..

Linda Merle

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