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Subject: Re: [DNA] FTDNA v. ISOGG R1b haplotree comparison updated
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 15:59:07 EST

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Hi John, (and others),

Could you comment on current thought regarding Cinal Eoghan and Cinal
Conaill, the children of the two sons of Niall (as the story goes), who settled
in the north west of Ireland? Has anyone identified a unique signature
that distinguishes the two?

What we've found so far rests mainly on the two largest DNA projects in
Donegal, Dohertys and McLaughlins. I mentioned in another post that large
clusters of other families said to descend from Nial are M222. That includes
O'Gallaghers, O'Donnells and O Cathains. But so far we haven't found
anything that really distinguishes Cenel Conaill from Cenel Eoghain or even

There are some tantalizing similarities between Doherty and McLaughlin
DNA. Each group has it's own distinct modal markers but there is some overlap
between the two groups. A handful of Dohertys have some McLaughlin modal
markers. The situation is complicated though because the Dohertys and
McLaughilns both lived for centuries in the same small part of Donegal
(Inishowen Peninsula) for some 600-700 years. The similarities between them could
be the result of NPEs over the centuries and not something larger
indicating a descent from NIal. So far most of the overlap DNA is found in
Dohertys, not McLaughlins, which is strange, since the Dohertys were the ruling
sept of Inishowen and the McLaughlins mere followers. The same modal markers
shared by some Dohertys and McLaughlins have popped up in very limited
samples in other Donegal surnames but not in quantities that let us make much of
a statement about it.


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