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From: William Hurst <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] FTDNA will introduce Family Finder
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 17:28:42 -0500
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Hi Ian and Rebekah and all,

I don't think the new test will cover Y-DNA or mtDNA; they describe it as "our autosomal Family Finder." Could be wrong. If they do test mtDNA, will they assign subclades, and will those subclades show up on project pages? That might result in fewer FGS tests; not good.

Bill Hurst

> Bill / List
> This could be interesting ...
> The tests that use 'Chip' technologies usually produce a list of mtDNA mutations. So how well will
> FTDNA do as compared to it own FGS testing ?
> I can see some sort of disclaimer coming out to say the 'Chip' results should be taken with a 'pinch
> of salt'.
> Or will they keep re-testing until all the differences are resolved ?
> Good times ahead ...
> Ian
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> Bill wrote ....
> --------------------
> Hi John and all,
> My order confirmation said I had an unused vial on hand. I had previously submitted three more for
> some other test. So they can start processing my order immediately. Whoopee.
> I think they are offering the beta tests for those who have taken the mtDNA FGS test - maybe some
> other advanced tests.
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> And John before....
> --------------
> > Yes the cost for the beta test is the same as the offering price in March
> > I got the offer and accepted it.
> > The note to me said they would be sending me a new kit for DNA sample
> >
> > I cannot see how then could get a kit to me and back and to the Lab work by
> > mid March.
> > My kit is from 2002 so it is already 8 years old
> > Maybe for those that have a good sample on file?
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