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Subject: Re: [DNA] : variance of S116*
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 23:34:42 +0000 (GMT)


I had a look and that system seems common sense.  The only one which (probably because it is such a big area) might suffer badly from being treated as a single block is eastern Europe.  I think in terms of prehistory before the area largely (but far from all) became a huge Slavic speaking block you could say that area was divided up in a complex and ever changing way.  So, there could be considerable differences in the history of S116* across those areas.  It would be interesting to know if there was a major difference in ages of S116* within subsections of eastern Europe. Your east European sample seems to largely be from Russian, Ukrainian and Polish and contains very very little of the east-central and Balkan blocks.  Given the general acceptance that the oldest R1b forms are south of the Black Sea one would expect those to be the4 very areas where R1b1b2 passed through and a very strong candidate origin area for S116.  

It seems that Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Roumania, all the Balkans states etc collectively comprise the worst tested area of Europe on most of the project maps.  It has struck me for a long time that as well as the ex-Soviet countries to the east, Austria is almost a blank on the project testing maps which makes it stand out as it is a wealthy western country.  The neighbouring eastern parts of south Germany are also usually a blank.  I suppose (I am just guessing) that suggests this is due to these being very removed from the shipping lanes to the Atlantic and therefore having featured much less immigration to America and hence fewer genetic genealogy customers. 
All in all, this makes it seem quite possible that the oldest S116* in Europe has not really been sampled. 


Tim said

Dear Alan,
    I used the organization of the regions as Rich Stevens and his
co-administrators have organized the data at
ults.  Some of the data is not specified to a specific country but is
specified to a specific region.

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Tim- could you clarify what countries you designated western, southern and
eastern Europe?


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