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Subject: Re: [DNA] R1a1 SNP results
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 22:05:41 -0600
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Andrew Mceachern writes:

> Hi,
> Does anyone on the list know if there is a database or listing of the results obtained from L175 and L176.1 SNP tests that is available for the public to access?
> Thanks
> Andrew

No. I have the list but its not public.

But I can say this:

L175: Me positive ... all others negative

L176.1: all those tested (about 20 that I know of) that are
positive are Clan Donald YCAII = 19,21 and DYS459 = 8,10.
This includes all people on our published genealogical tree whose
results are back. All Clan branches tested so far are positive,
this incluides m,ost but not all main brances from the three sons
of John, First Lord of the Isles, plus one MacAllister, sho descends from
the "other" son of Donaly the Eponymous

All others are negative. This includes all who are YCAIIb = 19,21
but DYS459a not equal to 8. There are several from Norway,
a few British, two Ashkenazy Jews of rather different haplotype,
a couple of M458 negative Poles, at least one M458 positive person,
and one from eastern India. All YCAII = 19,23 are negative.

Doug McDonald

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