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From: Bob Goodman <>
Subject: [DNA] 23andMe results
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 06:46:35 -0800 (PST)

Just to chime in -

Out of almost 200 Relative Finder matches, I got lucky on my best one (matches on 5 different chromosomes, 1.63% overall).  We finally got in touch this past weekend, and it turns out he is my father's 2nd cousin on his mother's father's side - i.e. they had the same great-grandfather, who was a Confederate veteran and later sheriff of the county where I still live (Cobb, GA).  He had at least four sons, only two of whom remained in the county; the others moved elsewhere and we lost track of them.  My new match is probably the grandson of one of the sons who left the county, but I'm not sure which one yet (my new cousin didn't have his notes available when we emailed each other).

It's interesting that I have two other matches (father and son) with matching segments that are almost identical to one of the five matching segments with the new cousin, suggesting that this segment is a "marker" for a particular line.  And it turns out that these other matches do indeed have ancestors with the same surname (though with a variant spelling) as my MRCA with the new cousin.  They can trace that line to a 17th century immigrant to New England.  So we're looking for either a pre-immigration common ancestor (which will be hard to identify), or possibly  a branch of the New England family that came south (my known line currently only goes back to 1806 in SC, so I don't know when or where the original immigrant arrived).

Let me recommend that 23andMe participants make a table of their matches by percent of match (from Relative Finder, not Compare Genes), chromosome and segment - I use Excel, and get the segment numbers from Ancestry Labs/Family Inheritance - Advanced/View in a table).  That way it's easy to see whether you have overlapping matching segments with two or more independent participants.  Then if you can identify a surname common to all three you know where to focus your efforts first.

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