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From: adam bradford <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] King Tutankhamun's Y-DNA - Eureka!
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 13:21:27 -0500
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Looking again at the video, it doesn't appear to be stock footage, but I do
think it's probably stock results. Notice how they all nod at each other and
then shake hands as though they're making their discovery at that very
moment. It's a recreation.

The camera crew probably asked the lab techs to go through the steps of
analyzing Ahkenaten's DNA results. Then the lab folks squirted some water
in some vials, toted them over to the machine, and then looked at some stock
results on the computer screen, probably whatever sample results came with
the software they're using.

> > Actually, I like Ann's hypothesis that the video was simply showing
> > stock footage.
> >
> > If the peaks were actually so clear that you could read them from an
> > online video clip I suspect they would have been published, so clear
> > heads probably would conclude that the vide was not showing Tut's
> > actual DNA.
> >
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