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From: Robert Tarín <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Some more Tut DNA STR values from the video
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 13:17:42 -0600
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Thomas and Astrid,

Thank you for your time and efforts in analyzing this. What I must point out
is that in the published study it has 393=13 for the Tutankhamun lineage.
The value of 9 is stated to be from a nonrelated sample


On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 12:56 PM, Thomas Krahn <>wrote:

> Astrid and I have also spent an hour on interpreting the
> electropherograms from the video yesterday.
> Unfortunately it's not as easy as counting the gray bars (bins) from the
> Genemapper software because the lab technicians have added additional
> bins by themselves for some alleles that don't show up in the ladder.
> Also there are actually (at least) two different scenes which show peaks
> from entirely different persons.
> At 1 minute and 18 seconds they show apparently a full set of (blue,
> green, black, red) traces which is most likely a control sample from
> haplogroup R. My best guess for the haplotype would be
> DYS456 15
> DYS389I 13? (additional bin)
> DYS390 23? (additional bins)
> DYS389II 30? (additional bins)
> DYS458 16
> DYS19 14
> DYS385 11-14
> DYS439 10
> DYS438 12
> DYS437 13 or 14 (additional bins)
> Y-GATA-H4 11 (NIST nomenclature)
> DYS393 13
> DYS391 11
> No warranty for any of the values!
> This could possibly be the 007 control DNA that comes with the ABI
> Yfiler kit. At least it looks similar.
> The more interesting scene starts at 1:22 where a couple of black traces
> are compared with each other. This could possibly be the real traces
> from the mummies.
> Due to a bug in the Genemapper software the bins are not displayed
> correctly. Note that some of the peaks are far off from the bins. So the
> only way to investigate this is to use the actual fragment sizes on the
> bp scale. We have measured and calculated the peak positions with a
> ruler on the monitor screen and then assigned the alleles based on
> experimental data from runs on our own instruments. Of course the
> instrument results vary and there is again no warranty that my guesswork
> is correct. My call of the NED labeled markers may be something like:
> DYS393 9
> DYS439 11
> DYS391 12
> DYS635 23
> DYS392 13 or 14 (resolution not good enough for a trinucleotide repeat)
> In an earlier scene at 1:12 in the blue trace we can definitely read
> allele 16 for the marker DYS458 and as discussed in the article itself
> we know about Y-GATA-H4 being 11 in NIST nomenclature.
> Yet another scene at 1:30 shows DYS389I in the blue trace which is most
> likely allele 13
> I'll leave it to the experts to predict a haplogroup for this profile.
> Without the rare DYS393 allele 9 it matches multiple haplogroups. With
> the DYS393 = 9 allele I have no matches in the FTDNA database.
> Again this could still be a wrong sample and I could still have made
> errors with my analysis. In any case I hope this helps.
> Thomas

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