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From: David Faux <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Relative Finder predicted 3rd cousin is actually 2ndcousin
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 13:09:42 -0800
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What a phenomenal find Mike! Every so often unexpected blessings of this
nature occur.

I have a number of cousins who tested with 23andMe and who are in the same
generational ballpark as your example.

My uncle's second cousin once removed is predicted to share 1.56%. The
findings are 1.28% and 5 segments.

This individual is my second cousin twice removed with a predicted sharing
at 0.78%. The results are 1.15% and 7 segments.

My results are a bit of an anomaly, especially when there is genealogical
evidence that the cousin here is a descendant of only one of my ggg
grandparents; and the fact that I share two more segments than my uncle.
The only way to pin things down (I have found) is to test multiple
individuals from related lines. It is amazing how often the predicted and
observed results are a very close match, to the level of third cousins.
After this, things get very iffy with those in the family who can (as Ann
noted) share most of a chromosome to a first cousin of theirs who shares
zero with the same individual.

Continued success,

David K. Faux.

On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 10:19 AM, Michael Maddi <> wrote:

> I have now been in contact with my closest predicted Relative Finder cousin
> at 23andMe. She is predicted to be a 3rd cousin (range - 2nd-4th), with whom
> I share 1.47% of DNA in 5 segments.
> She turns out to be a second cousin, with whom I haven't been in contact
> before, although I have been in contact with other 2nd cousins, who are
> first cousins to her. We all share common ancestors in our
> great-grandparents, Nunzio Maddi and Rosalia Cangialosi.
> This is really amazing! Who would think that two great-grandchildren of
> Nunzio Maddi and Rosalia Cangialosi would both test at 23andMe, which only
> has about 30,000 customers?
> It's interesting that 23andMe have predicted us as 3rd cousins, with a
> possible range of 2nd-4th cousins. Most people are finding that their
> Relative Finder cousins are more distant than predicted, yet we're closer
> than predicted.

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