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From: Phil Ritter <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Relative Finder predicted 3rd cousin is actually 2ndcousin
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 14:57:24 -0800
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I've had an interesting contact with a predicted 3rd cousin at
23andMe. When relative finder opened up, I send an invitation of the
one "3rd cousin (3rd to 5th)" with 3 shared segments but only at .50%
(I also have a predicted 2nd cousin with 11 segments and 2.24%, but
they haven't responded to my request for contact). My "third cousin"
turned out to be the husband of a woman I had corresponded with
eleven years ago. We both have Himes ancestors who once lived in
Jefferson township in Kosciusko Co., Indiana in the mid to late
1800's. My Himes is my gr-gr-grandfather, an Amos Himes born about
1808 in Connecticut, while my "cousin's" Himes is his grandfather, a
George Marvin Himes born 1867 in Indiana, but a brick wall. Mrs.
Himes contacted me back in 1999 after seeing I was researching Himes
in the area. They haven't found her husband's grandfather in the
1870 census (when he would have been 3 years old), and by 1880 he is
living with another family ("not a relative"). Neither of us had
much luck finding more about her grand-father in-law and we dropped
the pursuit. Now we're back in contact with "proof" that her husband
and I share some common ancestor.

The simplest solution is that his George was a grandson of my
Amos--which would make us exactly third cousins. But there aren't a
lot of possibilities among Amos' children (several of them were in
Pike Co., IL by 1867, including my great-grandmother, who married
there in 1869. And other children were married and having other
children about 1867). Another possibility is that is George is the
grandson of a brother or cousin of my Amos who came to the same area
(there were a number of different Himes families in the area, some of
whom might have been related to Amos). That would make us 4th or 5th
cousins. And finally there is the more distant possibility that we
are both descended from a different Himes family that came out of
Pennsylvania but had descendants in the same area. Peter Himes is
one of my 4th gr-grandfathers and lived in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio. A
grandson of his moved to Kosciusko. If that line, we would be 5th
cousins, give or take a "removed." I think the first possibility the
most likely, but have to wonder if maybe George were an illegitimate
son of one Amos's daughters. I'm tempted to ask my new "cousin" to
consider a y-chromosome test with FTDNA and to try to get one of the
known paternal descendants of Amos Himes to do the same. If they
match then we've narrowed down the possibilities (my cousin is a
descendant of Amos or a close relative). If they don't, then the
illegitimate route or the "other" Himes family remain
possibilities. So as is often the case, a partial solution using DNA
introduces new questions.

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