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Subject: Re: [DNA] : variance of S116*
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 00:24:58 -0800
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Dear Alan,
I agree that the data does not show a strong division between
eastern and western Europe at this time. We are still looking at a fairly
small dataset from eastern Europe with only 14 haplotypes to work with. In
any case, the trend at this time is still there.

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Subject: Re: [DNA] : variance of S116*


I am not a mathematical person but I have chewed over your data and It seems
to me that the contention S116* it is older through the core of the main
body of central Europe from the east to west (perhaps Russia to France) but
somewhat younger in the isles and significantly younger in Scandinavia and
southern Europe seems clear.  However, I am not quite so convinced that the
division between eastern and western Europe is so strong.  As far as I can
see the only major difference is the calculation using 24 slow markers on
the 67 marker samples and that seems to be the reason the averages are so
different for eastern and western Europe.  Is that fair comment and why does
this one calculation stand out as odd?



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