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From: Robert Hughes <>
Subject: [DNA] Pre M222/L21?
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 10:47:22 -0500

Hello Gary,
Your haplotype is probably not rare but it is at least uncommon.
There are two and maybe three people who share your mutations from
You also have an unusual conversion with my Modal 7, (CMBG3) the
Cornwall / Higgins group in that both of you differ from M5UKQ at some
of the same alleles, just with different values. No one in Modal 7
has tested for M222 as far as I know so it’s kind of frustrating but
they do have a 25 at DYS 481 vs. your 26.
Since you have snp tested as M222- and because you match most of
the Ui Neill modal values. --- and --- since February in officially
our genetic genealogy speculation month, and since the Ui Neill count
King Niall as their genetic starting point then with you being
ancestral for M222, you can speculate that your ancient Irish ancestor
was King Niall’s grand parents. Or as you say the proto-Ui Neill
ancestral Adam.
What relation are you to the Stanton surname and have you gotten
your L21 test yet? If you turn out to be ht35 instead, things will
get even more interesting.
Regards, Robert
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