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From: "Terry Barton" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] FTDNA will introduce Family Finder
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 11:45:46 -0500
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I am also worried about having enough sample on hand for the future. It
hasn't been so long since Bennett laughed and said that they could run as
many tests with our DNA sample as we could afford to buy.

Now - we're seeing a fresh sample taken for "Walk Through the Y", a fresh
vial for Autosomal Blocks. What's next? And - more importantly, what's the
prudent amount of dna to have stored for our elderly relatives?

I have already found that my Dad and Mother's autosomal dna is more useful
than mine for finding my autosomal cousins. What other new development will
may us wish for more dna samples of the older generations? (I still lament
BYU's throwing away my great-uncle's sample back in 2002. He was already
gone by the time I learned of it)

I've updated my blog after getting some input directly from FTDNA:

Best Regards,
Terry Barton

I think I would also ask in that case if amplification is available at an
extra cost.


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I've been wondering about the same thing, Patricia. I would like to know if
they could mark some samples as belonging to deceased persons who are not
available for additional sampling and take any extra precautions to stretch
the limited DNA supply a little further. I am in the same position as you. I
have one invitation so far. It's for a deceased relative, and we were only
able to get two vials from him. He was initially tested for 37 markers and
HVR1, and then I ordered FGS and X STR testing for him at the same time. I'm
afraid that if the heirs say yes to the testing as expected, I might still
be out of luck because there may be partially used vials in both Arizona and
Houston. I was thinking about calling FTDNA to ask about this. If you get
any information on this from FTDNA or any other reliable source, would you
please share it with me?


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My question is - Is this the test to use the unused vial for a deceased
relative on?
Just don't want to waste my last chance!

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