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As I said in my second email to the list:-

Ah, I have found the database you were referring to ... the 2008 one relating to
McEvoy et al - 2008 - Genetic Investigation of Patrilineal Kinship

Yes, the markers do not include any that allow us to see whether any of the haplotypes are Irish Type III or not.
It was as a result of this paper that I wrote mine in JoGG. as I was upset that they said there was no sign of a Dalcassian signature.



Dennis Wright, if you want the Trinity file with the O'Loughlin and other
Munster samples go to their web site:

The first supplementary file listed is the one for their Munster project.

Data from McEvoy et al 2008

Brian McEvoy, Katharine Simms, Daniel G. Bradley.
Genetic Investigation of the Patrilineal Kinship Structure of Early
Medieval Ireland.
American Journal of Physical Anthropology 2008

There are five O'Loughlin samples. At 12 markers they match the Irish
Type III O'Loughlin sample in our Clan McLaughlin project. Whether they will
match up well at more markers is anyone's guess.


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