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Subject: Re: [DNA] FF raw data access
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 22:34:22 -0800
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Dear All,
Another point that we should keep in mind is that at least some of
the "non-medical" SNPs that are reported will at some point in the future be
linked to specific medical conditions. There are currently in the range of
150-200 autosomal SNPs that 23andMe reports as being linked to various
traits or medical conditions. Those of us who tested with 23andMe a year or
more ago remember that when we first got our results back there were
probably only 50 or so SNPs that 23andMe reported as being linked to various
traits or medical conditions. Genome-wide association studies are still in
their infancy. Many more autosomal SNPs will at some point in time be
linked to various traits or medical conditions as medical research moves
forward in this area. If FTDNA is going to scrub all of the medically
related SNPs from the test results this means they will need to continue to
monitor the literature in order to determine which additional SNPs they need
to scrub from the results above and beyond the current ones they plan to
Tim Janzen

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That means one will not get the .DAT, .CEL or .CHP files. Those comprise
the raw data for the run. If they scrub the results sounds like one will
get a text file and all of the auxiliary information related to the call.
The real raw data files are what is needed for use within the Genotyping
Console for comparisons and setting up PLINK runs.

The value of the provided results is being reduced and will limit what one
can do outside of the FTDNA environment.

- Wayne kauffman

I've got more info on how the test works from Bennett.

It may be at this moment proprietary, so I only will say that
he assured me that they are "wiping" the medical SNPS from the
data before using it in any way or sending it in bulk to the buyer.

Doug McDonald

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