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Subject: Re: [DNA] King Tutankhamun's Y-DNA - Eureka!
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 07:59:06 -0500
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Great work on deciphering that pharaoh-gram, Robert!

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Subject: Re: [DNA] King Tutankhamun's Y-DNA - Eureka!


For all those questioning whether the screenshots in the video are "stock
samples" or default results from the AmpF\STR Yfiler kit, another clue has
been sleuthed out. My friend Gary Felix, from the Mexico DNA Project, asked
me about the wording at the top far left seen at 01:53 into the video. I
looked at it again and believe it reads as follows: "AmIII(20)_u_0.5Liz". I
wasn't sure if this could be referring to the AmpF\STR Yfiler kit or to the
name Amenhotep III as some abbreviated filename. Gary's question prompted me
to look again for a filename in the results above that. Lo and behold, at
01:55 in the video, the entry above had a name of "KV55(25)_5_572608" if I
read correctly. This apparently refers to Akhenaten (KV55) as revealed in
the published study. These two particular results are for markers DYS456 and
DYS389i and the fact that there are "filenames" referencing Amenhotep III
and Akhenaten speaks greatly for these being genuine results and not some
"sample" or default screenshot. It turns out that they did not get a strong
result for DYS456 on Amenhotep III although you can see the slight start of
a peak at 15 and this would match, along with the DYS389i=13, those for
Akhenaten. So my hat goes off to Gary for nudging me along into further
sleuthing. I think in time, hopefully soon, the truth will be revealed.

Here is the link to the video again should you need it.

Robert Tarín

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