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Subject: [DNA] (no subject)
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 13:52:08 -0800

my husband finally got another couple (father and son? brothers?
cousins?) of matches to his ydna at FTdna....once more, not his
surname, once more, Scottish surnames.

if he had an NPE, why did FTdna put him in with the Moore group? for
all I can see, he is from a line that joined a sept and took their
name...or has an NPE and was incorrectly filed at Moore-Worldwide.

I asked FTdna but lately I haven't got any replies to my questions
to them.

he is R6ZNW. he has 8 mutations against group 2 of the Moore list,
which is the Moore group he most closely matches to. he has 8 matches
at 33/37, which are his closest matches other than 1 match at 60/67.
those 8 matches include 2 Blackwells, 2 Moores, 2 Montgomery's, 1
Holcombe, and 1 Kirkpatrick.

I have been totally thrown by the 2 new additions of non Moores.

his parents are dead. he has 2 brothers, I don't know if they can
afford and are willing to test.

can someone help me figure him out by what information is available
at ydna and Moore ydna test results?

thank you,


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