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Subject: Re: [DNA] (no subject) - when is a MOORE not a MOORE?
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 18:48:25 -0500
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CeCe is correct. You are a member of the MOORE project because your husband
joined the MOORE project, which is the correct project for him to be in because
his surname is MOORE.

You and I have messaged extensively offline, and -- if Jim Bullock will forgive
me -- may I recommend that you join the Y-DNA-PROJECTS mailing list, where you
will have an audience that is focused on just such issues as you have raised?

Having examined your husband's results, I suspect he either has an NPE in his
patrilineal line or he belongs to a rare MOORE family, of which he's the only
one so far tested. I invite you to discuss this further on Y-DNA-PROJECTS. If
and when we can determine what his *biological* surname is, you can join that
surname project, too, but you should also remain in the MOORE project. (Some
admins may differ with me on that point.)

As a general comment... My experience has been that most surnames not only have
multiple origins, they have considerably more origins than most genealogists
previously suspected, not to mention the unsuspected NPEs, and these are being
revealed by Y-DNA testing. So, it is not unusual for a surname project to have
several groups that "hang together" -- often with each group representing
descendants of one well-known immigrant -- plus a considerable number who have
no match in the project and remain "unassigned." Some of these unassigned
members are going to turn out to simply be members of rare families of that
surname, but some are going to turn out to have NPEs. So...

If you don't have a match in your surname, but do have some *high-level* matches
in other surnames, it may be time to take a closer look at them.

Lastly, we are each the primary person responsible for educating ourselves
sufficiently to understand our test results. That said, the person primarily
responsible for helping you to educate yourself and helping you to understand
your results is the administrator of your surname project. That service is a
major reason for being tested in a project at FTDNA, as opposed to other labs,
where such assistance may be nil. Yes, FTDNA has a responsibility for answering
basic questions about your testing (e.g., What does the WAMH logo on my page
mean? Why are my results being delayed?), but unraveling the genealogical
meaning of your test results is really beyond what you can expect from their
staff. And if your project admin isn't helping you enough, do try asking on the
Y-DNA-PROJECTS list. ;-)


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> my husband finally got another couple (father and son? brothers?
> cousins?) of matches to his ydna at FTdna....once more, not his
> surname, once more, Scottish surnames.
> if he had an NPE, why did FTdna put him in with the
> Moore group? for
> all I can see, he is from a line that joined a sept and took their
> name...or has an NPE and was incorrectly filed at Moore-Worldwide.
> I asked FTdna but lately I haven't got any replies to
> my questions
> to them.
> he is R6ZNW. he has 8 mutations against group 2 of the
> Moore list,
> which is the Moore group he most closely matches to. he has 8 matches
> at 33/37, which are his closest matches other than 1 match at 60/67.
> those 8 matches include 2 Blackwells, 2 Moores, 2 Montgomery's, 1
> Holcombe, and 1 Kirkpatrick.
> I have been totally thrown by the 2 new additions of
> non Moores.
> his parents are dead. he has 2 brothers, I don't know
> if they can
> afford and are willing to test.
> can someone help me figure him out by what information
> is available
> at ydna and Moore ydna test results?
> thank you,
> Cornelia
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