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Subject: Re: [DNA] supertasters
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 19:33:49 -0500
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Interesting article, and it confirms my suspicion that the taster v. non-taster
thing isn't all that cut and dried, at least in practice.

According to 23andMe, I'm a taster, yet I love most of the cruciferous
vegetables -- except, I can't abide radishes of any kind, including anything
with even a hint of horseradish in it. Hate sushi. Hate, hate, hate. Must be
the radish. I drink my coffee black and have an aversion to sweets. My
favorite hard liquors are tequila and scotch, over. However, I think some of
this has to be learned.

My mother had an outrageous sweet tooth. She would add about a cup of sugar to
one of those little cartons of frozen, concentrated orange juice, and she would
frequently make sugary, homemade candies. This level of sweetness was initially
passed on to me as a dietary norm in childhood. I couldn't stand anything sour,
like a pickle or lemonade -- or even fresh oranges. When I first began drinking
coffee -- at the age of 12 -- I would add three heaping teaspoons of sugar to
it! OTOH, my mother loved radishes.

By adulthood, I was drinking my coffee black, drinking orange juice
UN-sweetened, and would prefer a dill pickle to a candy bar. Will always hate

So, how much of this is genetic and how much is habituation from diet?


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> Well this article was certainly interesting. This guy has
> exactly my taste preferences--I spit on the floor of my HS
> classroom with the original bitterness test compound and I
> loath sweet things and I have learned to love broccoli, black
> coffee, scotch, etc. I'm definitely thinking about testing
> for this allele.

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