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From: ab10man2 <>
Subject: [DNA] Hello Dr. Krahn
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 21:04:55 -0600

Hello Dr. Krahn,

I hope you get this message doing well. I am sorry to contact you by this
e-mail but it is the only one that I found for you. I have tested a
y-chromosome test with Family Tree DNA, and it showed my haplogroup to be

Later, I tested the snp l222.2 and it was positive in my kit. These tests
confirmed that I have a Semitic Arabic origin in my paternal line.

I have been in contact with so many experts and scientists including Mr.
Greenspan and Ms. Schrack about the new developments within this haplogroup.
I want to say that, honestly, getting answers to my questions from you would
be the most perfect way to have them answered for ever..

I hope you take a look at them, and provide me with the answers if you would
like - for sure.

Q1: I know that we now have a newer tree of the haplogroup J1 in ISOGG
website. Would you estimate the time of when l222.2 is going to be added to
the haplogroups' tree in


Q2: Since we have more than 400 Arabic kits now, have been there any
developments in the project WTY ( or WTY2 if it has been started ) in
finding new mutations within J1e under l222.2 ? And is l222.2 a back
mutation ?

Q3: Would we have the ability to assign different snp's for each Arabic and
Jewish tribe in the future ?

Q4: Is Family Tree DNA having a genetic conference this year ? ( I am
asking since we used to hear good news from such conferences).

Q5: Do you think that we might need to test more markers in the future to
determine TMRCA ?

Q6: Do you recommend using: ( trees or calculators ) in finding TMRCA
between people that have more than 8 markers difference ?

Q7: Do mutation rates change if we test more people of the same subclade ?

Q8: Would you recommend that I do the WTY test or not ?

Q9: Can I rely on 25 markers match or do I need to take 67 markers matches
in consideration ONLY?

I hope you do not find my question annoying.

Thank you for the work and effort you are doing helping all the haplogroups.

Kind regards.

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