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From: Al Aburto <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Hello Dr. Krahn
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 21:11:07 -0800
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I wanted to point out that FTDNA does have a draft tree: ... (change to "draft" and hit go)
The J1 draft structure is shown here: You can see
the placement of L222.2 ...

The YCC committee needs to approve the official tree that FTDNA uses.
The committee doesn't meet very often. They have been overwhelmed by
all the new SNPs that FTDNA (Thomas Krahn's Houston Lab) has found in
the last year (something like 270 SNPs! so far). Much effort is
necessary to approve the new tree. SNP testing is of course essential to
the whole process.

> On 2/23/2010 7:04 PM, ab10man2 wrote:

> Hello Dr. Krahn,
> I hope you get this message doing well. I am sorry to contact you by this
> e-mail but it is the only one that I found for you. I have tested a
> y-chromosome test with Family Tree DNA, and it showed my haplogroup to be
> J1e.
> Later, I tested the snp l222.2 and it was positive in my kit. These tests
> confirmed that I have a Semitic Arabic origin in my paternal line.
> I have been in contact with so many experts and scientists including Mr.
> Greenspan and Ms. Schrack about the new developments within this haplogroup.
> I want to say that, honestly, getting answers to my questions from you would
> be the most perfect way to have them answered for ever..
> I hope you take a look at them, and provide me with the answers if you would
> like - for sure.
> Q1: I know that we now have a newer tree of the haplogroup J1 in ISOGG
> website. Would you estimate the time of when l222.2 is going to be added to
> the haplogroups' tree in
> ?

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