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Subject: Re: [DNA] : low variance MRCA dates for P310 clades in Italy andSEEurope
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 01:00:45 -0800
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Dear Vince and Alan,
Of the 6 R-U106 kits in the Italy project, only 4 have been tested
to 67 markers. All 4 of these kits are also in the FTDNA R-U106 project.
Thus, their data was already included in the estimates for SE Europe that I
posted in my message on Saturday. Below is an intraclade TMRCA estimate of
the 7 R-U106 haplotypes that trace their origins to Italy that are in the
FTDNA R-U106 project (Kits N25207, 43317, 113943, N23903, 44576, 140926, and

50 markers:2699
10 YHRD markers using YHRD mutation rates: 2446
24 slow markers: 3440

The above estimates are somewhat lower but not substantially lower
than the TMRCA estimates for the other regions of Europe. I thus agree with
Vince that we should be cautious not to imply that Italy received an influx
of R-U106 substantially later than all of the other regions of Europe.
I agree with everyone that we need to have more data, particularly
from southern Europe and that we need to be very careful about the
conclusions we draw from these intraclade TMRCA estimates.

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Support for an European route for R-P310 would seem to be fairly
strong from the data we have, but I wouldn't be too quick to conclude
that was the ONLY route.

And the "much later" comment about Italy seems ill-advised. For
example, the six members of the Italy DNA Project who are U106+ have
a higher STR variance than 35 "Central European" members of the R-U106


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