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From: Sue Boettcher <>
Subject: [DNA] Proposed enhancement to 23andMe Relative Finder?
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 17:36:59 -0600

Hi, all

I have an idea to run past all of you and perhaps if Ann Turner likes
it she will pass it along to 23andMe.

Back when the beta started, I joined Relative Finder principally to
find relatives of my adopted grandma. I was ecstatic to find that my
uncle (grandma's son) had someone in their list identified as a 2nd or
3rd cousin, with like 22 shared segments.

I was crushed when that person disappeared from the list when 23andMe
cleaned up their lists after they realized that they were showing some
people who shouldn't have access to Relative Finder. My uncle has
nobody on his list even remotely as close as that cousin, nor do I.

So this is my idea:

People with the "wrong" kind of account that doesn't have access to
Relative Finder would still appear in the Relative Finder lists, like
my uncle's. But instead of a "Contact" button, there would be a
"Sponsor" button.

When you click the Sponsor button, it would explain that if you would
like to, and the other person agrees to let you, you can pay the
upgrade fee for the other person so their account can be listed in
Relative Finder and you can make contact.

This is how I envision it happening:

* you enter a custom message to the other person explaining why you
might want to sponsor them
* upon receiving it, the other person sees your real name and if they
choose to, agrees to let you see their real name, and agrees that if
you want to you can sponsor them
* once you've seen who it is, you can decide whether to pay their
upgrade fee or not. (If she turnes out to be Aunt Julie who you
already knew about and who is a CEO of a major corporation with a
$1million/year salary, you may not want to pay for her sponsorship.
But if he turns out to have some surname you never heard of who could
be the nephew of your adopted parent, you might well pony up)

Then if you agree and they agree, you pay the fee. Then they can be
contacted and you can share genetic information and try to figure out
how they're related.

What does everybody think? Seems like a win-win to me. 23andMe
clearly wins, and I would definitely pay that upgrade fee to see who
that second cousin of my uncle's is, assuming they're not somebody
already in my dad's dad's family (we have a pretty good paper trail
there). Am I missing any gotchas?


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