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From: Bonnie Schrack <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Hello Mr. Krahn
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 07:31:37 -0500

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your helpful explanation about L222.2. Technically it was
excellent, but unavoidably it may add to the controversy about the use
of this marker to divide L147+, which as admin of the J haplogroup
project, I hear about often. Sometimes the L222.2 results may not be
what was expected according to traditional genealogies. In genetic
genealogy we are used to dealing with the repercussions of this conflict
when the SNPs are reliable, but as you can imagine it can become more
difficult when the SNP is considered potentially unreliable.

I agree with your recommendation that more SNPs and STRs be used,
certainly. Since other SNPs aren't yet available, I've been thinking
that the hundreds of families who have very similar haplotypes even at
the 67-marker level, might want to try testing some of the Advanced
Order STR markers you've made available.

Could you, and others on the list (perhaps from R1b) who have experience
with them, recommend which additional STRs might be the most useful for
splitting large groups who have similar haplotypes? Should they look
particularly at some palindromic markers, or would some of the
fast-mutating markers in the other panels be the first ones to try?

Thanks very much,


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